About Lean Muscle Systems

  1. The best workout!  Many websites out there offer great workouts.  The problem is that these folks try to convince everyone that their workout is the best for you without even know what your goals are!   Rather than a one-workout-fits-all approach, this custom workout planner helps you design the best workout for YOU, your goals, the equipment you have available, and the amount of time you have available. Virtually every popular workout program is included and many more are being added each month (view all workout plans)
  2. Grows with you!  There is no "best workout" there is only a best workout for a particular person at a particular point in time. LeanMuscleSystems allows your workout plan to grow with you as your strength and muscle mass increases. The same plan that worked for you as a beginner will not work for you as in intermediate! Also, minor tweaks of workout plans are possible and the intelligent software lets you alter the exercises but wont let you get into trouble by designing a workout that is all bicep curls :)
  3. Living document!  Workouts on the internet today are little different than the mimeographed sheets sold by Charles Atlas in the 1940's -  static, inflexible documents.  The danger of this is that the #1 most common problem is that people do not change their workout often enough.  By having an electronic workout plan, its a snap to change!  You can take your existing workout plan and in 10 seconds have it modified so that next week it is completely different!
  4. Integrated logging!  After you design your workout you can then enter your workout data every week, either on your smart phone while at the gym or back home on your computer.  At any time, you can view previous workouts and view your lift history on any particular exercise along with view a graph of the weights you have used! [Available 1st of July, 2017]
  5. Flexibility! This custom workout plan designer allows you the flexibility to modify workouts to suit your needs and improve it by allowing optional exercises and substituting exercises within tightly controlled bounds.  For example if you are having lower back problems you can substitute leg press for squats.
  6. Ease of use! You can access your workout plan from your smart phone, from your computer, or you can print it out - any way you want.  In less than 5 minutes you can build a workout plan perfect for your needs, and if you are unfamiliar with the exercises, animated GIFs guide you.
  7. Support!   If you want to help others get started in fitness, one of the best ways is to lead by example.  After logging your workout data for the day, post a link to Facebook.  Many people think you look great because you have "good genetics" without realizing how hard you work at it and by seeing your daily posts they get a much more realistic idea of what their expectations should be.  These posts also open the door for communication and soon they will be asking you for advice! (wait till they ask though!)
  8. Its free!  All my tools are free at scoobysworkshop.  If you are a fitness professional and want to include this tool on your own website, I would love for more people to use it!

There is no "best workout", only a best workout for a particular person at a particular point in time.

Since introducing my free custom workout planner at LeanMuscleSystems a year and a half ago, over 400,000 people have made custom workout plans to suit their needs perfectly. There are lots of great workout plans out there, most of them free, but some of them rather expensive. What they all have in common is that they are "best" for only a very small subset of the fitness population. That's the whole reason I started this project, as a way to help people figure out what workout plan was best for them. I also got tired of hearing people constantly touting their workout as the "best" without ever bothering to ask what it was that the person wanted to accomplish! You cant recommend the "best" workout for someone without asking a whole lot of questions first, and that is what the workout wizard at LeanMuscleSystems does - its not one workout plan fits all! Most of the workout plans that this software suggests are not mine but rather, well established workout plans from others. I don't care if you use my workout plans or not, all I care about is that you find the workout plan that is best for YOU, right now.

Lean Muscle Systems

About the name "Lean Muscle Systems". I have always been a stickler for insisting that people be precise when setting their goals and always have to bite my tongue till it bleeds when someone claims their goal is to "gain weight" at which point I simply recommend they go to McDonalds more often which gets them to see my point :) Thats why the "LeanMuscle" part of the name. There is no other kind of muscle other than lean muscle but it gets people to stop thinking about gaining weight as being the same as gaining muscle. Now the "Systems" part of the name, the plural is important for two reasons. First, there is no one optimal system for gaining lean muscle, it depends on where a specific person is at a particular point in time. To help a person go from newbie to olympics, requires not one workout system but many different systems, because what works for a newbie does not work for someone who can deadlift 900 pounds. LeanMuscleSystems currently has about 20 workout programs and more are being added all the time. There is one of these that is best for you, right now! The second reason that "LeanMuscleSYSTEMS" is plural is that exercise alone will not accomplish your goals, nutrition is nearly as important and I have designed two separate software systems which work together to help you make optimal progress: this workout planner and my nutritional planner. Many people make the mistake of thinking that gaining muscle is just about lifting, that is literally only half the battle. Nutrition is a cricical part of LeanMuscleSystems. Virtually all paid workout plans have a one-size-fits all meal plan wheras LeanMuscleSystems uses my free CustomMealPlanner.Com v1.0 which designs a optimal and custom meal plan for you based on your metabolic rate and food preferences!

Really Free - no add-ons, no up-sells

Really free, not one of those annoying fake-free websites that wastes your time. I don't want your money, I want you to find the optimal workout for you. I firmly believe that fitness and health should be available to everyone, regardless of how rich or poor they are.  That's the reason that all my information here on scoobysworkshop is free, its the reason that all the bodybuilding custom meal plans at CustomMealPlanner.Com are free, and its the reason that the workout plans at LeanMuscleSystems.Com are free.   The only thing I charge for is personal advice at AskScooby.com

Go ahead, try my Workout Wizard and see what workout plan it suggests for you!!!  


The great thing about LeanMuscleSystems is that your workout plans can grow with you.  As your needs change, just head back to the workout plan wizard and see what is the best workout plan for you now.  You can also modify workout plans but the software is smart enough not to let you destroy a perfectly good workout plan - it will not let you substitute bicep curls for squats :)  If you want to browse, you can sort workout plans by strength gain, muscle gain, fat loss, getting fit, and safety.   If you want, you can also browse the bodybuilding exercise library.   All about LeanMuscleSystems.